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Driving API Consumer Success Through Documentation By Falon Darville

API consumers succeed when there is robust documentation, as we'll cover here. This article is the first of several that will tackle API design topics in depth.

How DISQO Uses A/B Testing to Make Business Decisions By Anne Rynearson

DISQO has a culture of using data-driven design to inform our business decisions. In this article, we walk through the steps we take to run tests on our primary platform,

How DISQO is Adapting to 100% WFH By Falon Darville

Learn how our mandatory WFH policy is not slowing us down, and how we're using this time to push ourselves to be better communicators and colleagues. We'll also touch on how to avoid burnout during this trying time.

The Daily Standup - Agile Ceremonies at DISQO By Anne Rynearson

The daily standup is an integral part of our agile process at DISQO. Learn more about our daily meetings here.

Set Up JaCoCo & SonarQube in a Multi-module, Multi-flavor Kotlin Android Project By Andranik Azizbekian

This step-to-step guide walks you through how to set up JaCoCo and SonarQube for an Android project.

Building Cross-Browser Extensions from a Single Code Base By Nej Kutcharian

In this article we will cover the difficulties of building a cross-browser extension and provide a solution to overcome those challenges.

Welcome to the DISQO Developer Blog By Falon Darville

We're launching the DISQO Developer Blog and here's a bit about our company, our engineering teams, and what we do on a day-to-day basis.


DISQO Audience API

The DISQO Audience API allows you to send surveys to SurveyJunkie via our endpoints.


The CoReg API verifies if an email address is valid by checking email format, as well as checking if the email address already exists in our system and/or exists on email address lists submitted by CoRegs.