OOP Principles, SOLID Design, and Traits in our Monolith Application
Arminder Khinda       May 28th, 2021 Web Development

Software Engineer Arminder Khinda tells us about OOP Principles, SOLID Design, and Traits in the context of our monolith application. As a newer team member, he also shares how these concepts helped him get familiar with the codebase.

Content Responsibilities and Structure for Technical Requirements Documents
Luis Padilla       May 4th, 2021 Web Development

At DISQO, the Technical Requirements Document (TRD) forms our path for project development and maintenance. The TRD is a definitive source of truth that bridges the gap between what the business requires and what the engineers will build.

Collaborative Engineering at DISQO
Nej Kutcharian       February 2nd, 2021 Web Development

DISQO's engineering team engages in the principles of collaborative engineering to build knowledge-sharing, creative solutions, improved internal communication, a sense of product ownership, and trust.

Building Cross-Browser Extensions from a Single Code Base
Nej Kutcharian       January 23rd, 2020 Web Development

In this article we will cover the difficulties of building a cross-browser extension and provide a solution to overcome those challenges.