DISQO at Home: A One-Year Work-from-Home Retrospective
Falon Darville       May 13th, 2021 Culture

Over one year into our work-from-home journey, I'm asking some of our most senior leaders and our newest colleagues their experiences. Read about how hiring has changed, what we're doing to stay connected, and what it's like to onboard remotely during a pandemic.

DISQO's Values from Three Perspectives: Product Manager, Engineer, and Data Analyst
Falon Darville       March 2nd, 2021 Culture

Last year, DISQO started some significant work around defining and acting from our value system. I asked several of my colleagues within our engineering department what experiences come to mind for each of the DISQO values.

How Request for Comments (RFCs) Are Opening Discussion in Our Engineering Org
Falon Darville       December 2nd, 2020 Culture

DISQO introduced Request for Comments (RFCs) within our engineering department in April 2020. RFCs enable members of our team to propose new products and protocols, and give and receive input on these proposals.

Work from Home: Six Months Later
Falon Darville       November 2nd, 2020 Culture

Earlier this year, we all started working exclusively from home. Now, we're checking in with six individuals in the engineering organization to see how it's been for them.

A Look at DISQOTECH Retros
Anne Rynearson       July 1st, 2020 Culture

Retros are part of our DISQTECH Agile process. Learn more about our retros, including active participation, transparency, understanding the purpose of the retro, and keeping open discussion.

Data-Informed Tech Culture
Harut Baghdasaryan       June 2nd, 2020 Culture

Data-informed tech culture enables teams to standardized processes, make decisions faster, and reduce risk. In this article, we'll talk about the ways that DISQO practices this type of culture.

How DISQO is Adapting to 100% WFH
Falon Darville       March 18th, 2020 Culture

Learn how our mandatory WFH policy is not slowing us down, and how we're using this time to push ourselves to be better communicators and colleagues. We'll also touch on how to avoid burnout during this trying time.

The Daily Standup - Agile Ceremonies at DISQO
Anne Rynearson       March 16th, 2020 Culture

The daily standup is an integral part of our agile process at DISQO. Learn more about our daily meetings here.

Welcome to the DISQO Developer Blog
Falon Darville       January 21st, 2020 Culture

We're launching the DISQO Developer Blog and here's a bit about our company, our engineering teams, and what we do on a day-to-day basis.